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“Guardians of the Galaxy” Film Review.

Thanks to IMAX Melbourne, I recently watched Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. I had no idea what to expect, I never saw a movie trailer before-hand, only posters on bus-stop signs and excited talks on social media about the film’s impending arrival. When I finally saw the film, I understood the hype.

What starts off as an abduction of a child, turns into a story of a lone-wolf, self confessed space idiot, Peter Quill otherwise known as “Star Lord” played by Chris Pratt. Reluctantly joined by bounty hunting duo, Groot and Rocket voiced by Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, a mourning warrior, Drax played by Dave Bautista, and an assassin turned fugitive from her people, Gamora played by Zoe Saldana; these space delinquents team up to become the universes’ unlikely heroes.

Although there is a plot, a lot of this film is based on character development and relationships. Every character in this film goes through their own sense of growth (one, literally) and depth which I found quite refreshing.

Guardians of the Galaxy is light-hearted, funny, quirky, kick-ass and entertaining as hell. The visuals? Stunning. The music? AWESOME (also literally). The cast? Superb, each actor shines in their own way and together make this film as marvelous as possible (see what I did there?). Let’s not forget how amazing the costumes and make-up were in this movie! I adore Lee Pace and Karen Gillan, yet both were completely unrecognisable as their characters, Ronan and Nebula!

Guardians of the Galaxy is ABSOLUTELY a MUST-SEE! If you can see it in IMAX 3D, even better! Because everything is bigger and you feel like you’re part of the universe that the characters are trying to save! It has since become my favourite Marvel film to date and I have not stopped listening to the soundtrack since. Now if only they’d hurry up and release more merchandise! I desperately want a mini Groot to call my own! Well done, Marvel. Well done.

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“Maleficent” Film Review.

I love Disney, but also, I am more than aware of the tale of Sleeping Beauty. So when Disney announced Maleficent, I was not apprehensive, but curious. When they announced that Angelina Jolie would play the title role, I was even more intrigued. Maleficent became one of my most anticipated films of 2014.

The film, as it turns out, is a story of love. When Maleficent was young, carefree, trusting and a naive little fairy, she fell in love with a human. But the human she loved betrayed her and stripped her of her wings. Out of spite, she curses his child and it seems that nothing can stop Maleficent from walking her path of vengeance.

Although a new interpretation and a different take on the much loved fairytale, I thoughroughly enjoyed this film, and maybe perhaps shed a few tears as well. If you love Disney and more importantly, fantasy, then you will LOVE this film. Angelina Jolie practically SLAYS in this role.

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“Jersey Boys” Film Review.

Jersey Boys” is the film adaptation of the Tony Award winning stage production of the same name. In the hands and through the creative interpretation of Clint Eastwood, I was almost a little worried that the screen legend would not be able to portray ‘joy’ through his directing as the screen actor is known for his serious roles and existing dramas he has directed and produced. I could not have been more wrong. Clint Eastwood knows how to portray joy, and well.

Following the story of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, John Lloyd Young who was hand picked by Valli himself to portray him, returns to the role that he originated on Broadway. Together with his band mates, Tommy DeVito played by Vincent Piazza, Nick Massi played by Michael Lomenda and Bob Gaudio played by Erich Bergen, we are told four different side of a story on how the band came together and how these men bonded, for better and worse.

Although the film is based on the stage musical production, the film is great enough to stand on it’s own as it’s own tribute to the legendary band. I do not believe you need to have seen the stage production to appreciate this film as both are beautiful interpretations and tributes to their lives, but if you CAN catch the stage show, I would strongly urge for you to do so as well. As for this film, all I can say is that I’ve seen Jersey Boys on stage 4 times, and I loved this film. Go see it if you can!

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“PENGUINS 3D” Film Review.

Thanks to IMAX Melbourne, I managed to see “PENGUINS 3D” which is a documentary about the King penguin which is the second largest penguin in the world, only second to the Emperor penguin. Penguins are my favourite animal, and so I was delighted to be invited to see this film.

Narrated by David Attenborough, the film follows a King penguin family on South Georgia Island, affectionately known in the documentary as “Penguin City“. Here we follow the courtship, the life, obstacles, the threats and the survival of the King penguin.

This film is a fantastic documentary and an eye-opener for those that believe that penguins are just warm and fuzzy creatures, when in actual fact they are resilient, strong and amazing survivors. I found myself jumping and wanting to cover my eyes when predators would edge close to the penguins, and the music seemed to help with the suspense, even though it is a documentary! Just because it’s a documentary, doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting.

Whether you already know your penguin facts, or want to learn about these beautiful creatures, I highly recommend checking out this film which is exclusive to IMAX! So make sure you hop on down to an IMAX cinema near you, as this is a great documentary.

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“Godzilla” Film Review.

Godzilla” is a new film, with a new storyline and new concept, but uses classic monster character, Godzilla and stays true to the Japanese film series that is beloved. Despite being a better movie than it’s awful 1998 predecessor remake, the 2014 film is not without it’s flaws.

We start the film off following Bryan Cranston‘s character, Joe Brody who loses his wife to an unknown phenomenon that is passed as a natural disaster which Joe does not accept. Years later, his grown son Ford, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson track back their steps to find out the truth. Monsters are revealed, which of course is what we all expected, but it’s not the title character that is causing havoc. But then all of the sudden we end up following Ford for the rest of the film, which is puzzling as I cannot understand why Joe Brody was not the main character throughout the entirety of the film and I found myself missing his character whilst watching the rest of movie.

I am unsure whether it is the script or just the acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as his character Ford does not convey much emotion through the film, and I feel like he should have been more emotional as his character is very cardboard and one dimensional. I’m not saying he was bad, but he wasn’t great either.

Ken Watanabe plays Dr. Ishiro Serizawa who is a scientist whom was previously researching the beasts before all hell broke loose. Despite always being a delight to watch, Watanabe‘s presence in the film is wasted, and I honestly can’t remember him doing anything much important besides saying the words “Godzilla” and fangirling over the epic Japanese monster. I am a big fan of Ken Watanabe, however his talent is wasted in this film.

I thought the graphics, the directing and the music of the film were fantastic. The film has a great build up, and the suspense was on par. But if you are wanting to see monsters beast each other up for the entirety of the movie, you will be disappointed. This film focuses more on the human outlook of nature, and portrays the monsters more so as animals fighting for survival and following their instincts.

Would a Godzilla fan be happy with this film? Yes. Would you understand this film even if you don’t follow the Godzilla franchise? Yes. Is this film better than the 1998 remake version? Damn straight it is. Did I love the film? No. But I was satisfied. The US remakes so far haven’t been getting Godzilla’s essence and physical look right, but at the very least, this 2014 looks more like the Godzilla we all know and love, even if he looks as if he attacked a burger joint first.

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“22 Jump Street” Film Review.

22 Jump Street is a hilarious sequel to follow up on the successful initial remake. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum join forces again to play dynamic duo, Schmidt and Jenko. However, instead of infiltrating a high school, the boys are sent to a college to find the source to where the drug, “Whyphy” is coming from and catch the dealer.

There isn’t much difference comparing this sequel to the first film as 22 Jump Street is consistent and picks up exactly where the first left off in regards to storyline, entertainment and humour. However we do see more of Ice Cube and I believe this is for the better.

If you loved the first movie, you will definitely love this sequel. There was not a single person in the cinema that did not crack up laughing during the viewing of this film. A must see, I insist!

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“Cuban Fury” Film Review.

Cuban Fury is a dance comedy starring Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd and Rashida Jones.

Frost plays Bruce, a man who used to be a brilliant competitive salsa dancer when he was younger, but gave it up because he was bullied for it. When Bruce ends up falling for his new boss, Julia and discovers that she loves salsa dancing too, Bruce to decides to revisit his love of dance to win her heart. Unfortunately he’s got competition, as co-worker Drew also has his eyes on Julia, and he’s a bit of a dick too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was very light hearted, funny, entertaining and the cast were all great, but Kayvan Novak nearly steals the show with his character, Bejan.

I highly recommend a viewing of this film, as it’s hilariously endearing with a great storyline and lots of heart. Comedy and dance fit together perfectly in this little number.

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“X-Men: Days of Future Past” Film Review.

The X-Men franchise is very dear to my heart. I grew up watching X-Men: The Animated Series when I was little and have mixed feelings about the film series. But X-Men: Days of Future Past blew me away. I was also lucky enough to attend the Australian premiere and got to see the film before many in my country (and with fans!), which made the experience all the more exciting.

X-Men: Days of Future Past takes from the Sentinels storyline comic-book fans know well, taking full advantage of bringing back the old actors and combining them with the new ones from the reboot films. Although the idea is genius, the storyline was not made for the films, already existing long before.

In the film, the X-Men send Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman back in time to change the past and prevent a doomed future, doomed for both humans and mutants alike.

With a great storyline, the return of our favourite mutants; Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Storm, Beast, Ice Man, Kitty Pryde, Havok, Mystique; and a star studded cast with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Halle Berry, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Lucas Till, Peter Dinklage, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, together combined they make the perfect ingredients to make this film amazing. Not only that, but this film combines all the previous films in the franchise together to make the film series complete.

I absolutely LOVED this film. Not only is this film great for hardcore comic book fans, but those who are only familiar with the film series will be impressed by the film as well. I highly recommend a trip to the cinemas to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. It is smart, full of action, exciting and entertaining as hell. The storyline is true to the characters and the acting is superb. I only wish the film went for longer than it did as I found myself slightly unsatisfied as I wanted more.

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“G.B.F.” Film Review.

I was suggested to watch G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) by a friend and was delighted to find a teen comedy about touchy subject, being gay.

In a school where the students struggle to be relevant, friends Brent played by Paul Iacono and Tanner played by Michael J. Willett discuss how wonderful it would be to be openly gay – as no one has done it before at their school. In a school where being the first at something is trendy no matter what it is, despite being Brent‘s plan for himself, by accident Tanner ends up being outed and ends up becoming an arm accessory for the top three queen bees at the school.

Despite the touchy subject, I found this film to be funny and light hearted, yet also have a deeper meaning about love, identity and acceptance. If you love teen comedy films, I would definitely recommend this one. It’s good.

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“Ride Along” Film Review.

Ride Along is a comedy film starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Hart plays Ben, a security guard that wants the blessing of his girlfriend’s brother, James played by Ice Cube as Ben wants to propose to her. In order to gain James’ blessing, Ben chooses to go on a “ride along” with him, and of course, trouble ensues.

I found Ride Along to be very entertaining, humorous, have a decent storyline and satisfactory character development. Although I am surprised that there is a sequel announced, I don’t particularly mind as this film stated it was comedy and it delivered.

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“Bad Neighbours” Film Review.

Firstly, I want to apologise for not updating my blog for a whole month. I was having hacking issues, but I believe we are okay now. :(

Bad Neighbours stars Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Dave Franco. It tells the loose storyline of a married couple next door to a fraternity, both being immature and pulling pranks on each other.

Besides the basic plot, there is not much to this film. The storyline is very simple, and there is barely any character development. But If you’re going to see this type of film, you see it for the funny scenes – the ones you see in the trailer that entice you to go see this film. The problem with this film is, most of the funny parts are already shown in the trailer, which is a shame and quite disappointing. The funny scenes seemed like little Youtube videos meshed together to make a film, with lots of filler in between.

Whilst the acting from the cast was good, this film was unsatisfying and left a lot to be desired. And although I’m not a parent, I kept wondering whilst the parents were wandering around pulling pranks, who was actually taking care of their child? The idea that they left their baby at home alone already concerned me. I had expected the fraternity boys to kidnap the child and use the baby as their mascot, but of course – that didn’t happen. No, that storyline would’ve been “TOO GOOD” otherwise.

If you must watch this movie, wait for DVD. There is no reason to see it in the cinemas anytime soon. I give it a big MISS. Sorry, great cast. This movie did nothing for me. Nothing.

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“Vampire Academy” Film Review.

Now I know, I know you’re all sick of vampires. Who isn’t? But this book series by Richelle Mead, and now film adaptation are completely different to the franchise I know you’re thinking of.

Vampire Academy is more about a friendship between two girls, Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir played by Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry. Although both vampires, each girl is from a different race of vampires with different roles. Rose is a guardian and protector, whilst Lissa is vampire royalty. After living a normal mortal life and being on the run for years from Vampire Academy, they are found and dragged back reluctantly to live on campus with their own kind. All the while, trying to figure out what evil is threatening Lissa and establishing their place in vampire society.

I’ll be honest, the trailers for this film never looked promising. But after reading through the book all in one go, I ended up going to see the movie on the same day after finishing my book, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the book series and I definitely enjoyed this movie.

Although their are some things in the film that don’t happen in the original novel, I can understand why the movie creators did what they did. I unlike some fans don’t believe the page to screen interpretation has ruined the film, and am quite satisfied with what I saw.

I love the tongue-in-cheek snarky humour this film displays. It holds the same mood as the novel, is fun, light-hearted but never too much to make the film cheesy. The casting, acting and directing are great too. It is considered an action-fantasy-comedy, so the humour is on purpose and not present to parody anything regardless of what silly critics say.

My only disappointment is that the previous vampire franchise may have dashed any hopes for this film being properly recognised, acknowledged, and that there may not be a sequel. But let’s not think too far ahead for now.

Although not for everyone, I think that if people gave this film a chance with no hidden expectations or disappointments, they’d enjoy it. As stated before, I did not find the movie trailers promising at all and expected the worst. But after giving the book series a go and seeing the film for myself, I’m glad I did. Vampire Academy is a fun, entertaining film, and I am not ashamed to say that I loved it.


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“Veronica Mars” Film Review.

Almost a year ago, I helped fund the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project as many dedicated Marshmallows* (*Dedicated hardcore Veronica Mars fans) did. Yes, I too was campaigning for the movie ever since the original TV show was cancelled. So when the Veronica Mars Project appeared on Kickstarter, I did not hesitate to give them my money.

I pledged $265 for the Deluxe Logan Lovers package which included a personalised autographed Jason Dohring photo, signed movie poster, PDF copy of the movie script, digital download of the film on the day of release, 2 different designed backer t-shirts, constant movie progress updates and a blu-ray/DVD copy of the film. This was all on top of making the Veronica Mars movie a reality.

Expensive as it sounds, this was one of the best things I have ever done.

The Veronica Mars movie takes place 10 years after Veronica, played by Kristen Bell graduated from Neptune High. She finds herself drawn back to her old town to help Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring out a out of a murder mystery pickle, whilst at the same time arrives in Neptune back in time for her high school reunion.

This isn’t just a reunion for Veronica, but for fans too; reunited with favourite characters from the series such as Keith Mars played by Enrico Colantoni, Wallace played by Percy Daggs III, Mac played by Tina Majorino, Piz played by Chris Lowell, Dick Casablancas played by Ryan Hansen, Weevil played by Francis Capra and many more…

Unfortunately, the movie is very limited in cinemas as the film was available for digital download the same day it was released. I was lucky enough to catch a one-time screening in my city however, and it was such an amazing experience to watch the film along with other die-hard Marshmallows, some who also like me invested money into the making of the film. Our reactions were all the same; we laughed, we gasped, we cheered – it was incredible.

As for the movie itself, I actually attended the film with a non-fan who ended up enjoying the movie just as much as I did. You don’t have to be an already obsessed fan to enjoy the Veronica Mars movie, but it helps. And as a fan, you’d pick up a lot of inside jokes and remarks that pay tribute to the original series.

The story itself is great and action-packed full of drama, mystery, humour, surprise and a love triangle that fans will continue debating about for years. Director, writer and creator, Rob Thomas has not only truly outdone himself and satisfied fans that have beeso long for Veronica to finally have a proper ending, but has also ignited a Veronica Mars book series which continues directly after the film in case you want more.

It is no secret that I loved the Veronica Mars movie. As a Marshmallow myself, I am not only satisfied with this film concluding so many things that were left open for years, but I am finding myself itching for a movie sequel. Should opportunity arise again, I would not hesitate to hand over my money once more. And I am hoping that this book series will help suffice my hunger for more Veronica Mars for now.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend a viewing of this film. Because you haven’t seen this film yet, you haven’t lived.

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“300: Rise of an Empire” Film Review.

Thanks to IMAX Melbourne, I was invited to the Melbourne premiere of “300: Rise of an Empire”. Eight years after the original film was released, a new film of the now newly formed film series has emerged to follow up “300”. But it’s not really a prequel, nor is it a sequel. “300: Rise of an Empire” is actually a story that rides alongside the original film, taking place before, during and after the events of “300”.

For someone who hasn’t seen the original, I don’t doubt that this film would be easy to follow. However, because I did a refresher and watched “300” prior to watching “300: Rise of an Empire”, I believe I enjoyed this movie more because I could identify the subtle tributes in reference to the original movie.

I’ll be honest, there isn’t really much of a plot. But for the little plot that the film does have, Greek general Themistokles, played by Sullivan Stapleton leads the Athenian soldiers to battle against the Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes, played by Rodrigo Santoro, with Artemisia, a vengeful commander of the Persian navy fleet played by Eva Green at his side.

Whilst the cinematography, graphics, costumes and props are great, what “300: Rise of an Empire” lacks is character development and spirit; two things defiantly evident in the first film which made us love300” in the first place. Throughout the entirety film, there is an emptiness that only Gerard Butler‘s King Leonidas could fill. It was great to be reunited with brave soldier and storyteller, Dilios played by David Wenham and Queen Gorgo played by Lena Headey, but these characters don’t stay on screen for long, as this film is not about the Spartans, but about the Athenians. And to be frank, it just didn’t feel the same. This film lacked the ingredients which made it’s predecessor a phenomenon.

If you want a film that’s historically accurate, I really don’t suggest this film as they are based on the Frank Miller graphic novels. The accents are all over the place, and some things don’t even really happen. But that’s what’s so great about it. It’s fiction. And I don’t think it is meant to be taken seriously.

You could either see the funny side of it; almost naked caped men all fighting alongside each other on boats… or you could enjoy the action scenes for what they are, because there is blood, and lots of it. Regardless of your mood and expectations, I believe if given a chance one would find300: Rise of an Empireto be quite an entertaining film either either 3D or 2D. I believe, the bigger the screen, the better. I personally enjoyed it and would definitely recommend a viewing over popcorn.

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“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Film Review.

Ben Stiller has really outdone himself with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, not only as an actor, but as a director. Now I’ve never actually seen the original 1947 film, so I can’t really compare. I do understand that for this remake however, it had a lot of new elements and was practically a re-imagining of an old story.

Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, a negative assets manager for Life Magazine who has spent most of his life constantly daydreaming about going on adventures, but never acting upon his desires. Although he has been working at the company for 16 years, Mitty has never adhered to Life Magazine‘s motto; “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” When his job threatened and finds himself embarking on a quest to crack the mystery of the missing photo he was meant to receive from photojournalist, Sean O’Connell played by Sean Penn. Better than any dream, Mitty creates his own journey through life far more exciting and eventful than he ever imagined.

Whilst there were some scenes in the film that weren’t as funny as they should have been, for the most part the serious emotional dimensions of this film make it more substantial. And even though The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is far from perfect, this does not mean that it is not beautiful. The overall plot was consistent, the character development is unmatched and the visuals in this film are stunning.

Not only did this film reignite my dreams of travelling the world (as I too am a daydreamer), but it also made me appreciate the beauty and art of photojournalism. The moving, touching and emotional scenes in this film are enough to make me overlook where the movie is flawed. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be appreciated and loved. And I for one LOVED it.