Jun 8, 2014 - Film    2 Comments

“Ride Along” Film Review.

Ride Along is a comedy film starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Hart plays Ben, a security guard that wants the blessing of his girlfriend’s brother, James played by Ice Cube as Ben wants to propose to her. In order to gain James’ blessing, Ben chooses to go on a “ride along” with him, and of course, trouble ensues.

I found Ride Along to be very entertaining, humorous, have a decent storyline and satisfactory character development. Although I am surprised that there is a sequel announced, I don’t particularly mind as this film stated it was comedy and it delivered.


  • OMG WANTED TO WATCH THIS, so shattered I misssed it
    Kevin Hart is HILARIOUS!

  • Who knew Ice Cube could do comedy? That guy is just so serious!! Kevin Heart was HILARIOUS!! I love that guy. I never really watched 30 Rock, but for the episodes I did see, he was brilliant!

    I just hope that he pulls through the road accident that has him in hospital so that they can do more films like this!

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